The accreditation team leaders concluded the hard and diligent work for accreditation. This is the second time that all five homes in High-Crest Enterprises have been fully accredited by Accreditation Canada. The hard work completed by senior staff is beneficial to all of the residents in each home. It also benefits each community where we have homes. It encourages us to follow the high standards set out by Accreditation Canada. The effort put in to accreditation process has been tremendous. The meetings that took place amongst senior staff ended up being very beneficial to residents, staff and the community. In September 2012 we met with officials/surveyors from Accreditation Canada who completed a survey and assessment of all five of our homes.

We were successful in having all five of our homes Accredited in September 2012. Accreditation is something that is always being worked on and the benefits are passed on to our residents.

High-Crest Springhill offers Meals on Wheels for seniors who would like to have someone else prepare a meal for them and deliver it to their door. For more information please contact 902 597 2797.